Monday, 12 September 2011


These are some paintings I did for the craft market I did a few weeks back, which I mentioned in my weebly blog ( I sold quite a few, and I kinda miss them actually! I regret not getting good scans of them before parting ways with them, instead of the shoddy camera phone pictures I have. Oh well. Live and learn. Hope you like them! 

The final picture (The Moose painting) I did for my nephew who loves all things Canadian. He developed a feel of bears from the quite scary book "Going on a bear hunt". So his mum (my sister) told him that bears and everything else scary only live in Canada. Now that he's a little older, Canada just seems like the most fun place ever understandably! All the fun animals are there. The picture includes a little step by step process of how I went about painting it. Hope you like the moose and his buddies! Thanks for visiting/reading/looking!


  1. I love the idea of the 2 piece giraffe. Nice.

  2. Thanks Petru! :p Gonna paint a 3 piece Loch Ness monster next. ;)


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