Sunday, 23 October 2011

Frisbee Contest

I whipped up these bee Frisbee graphics for a Frisbee design contest I just entered today.

I'd ideally love this top design on a frisbee, but the company for some reason can't print large areas of colour, and so the image I entered is below. Colours can not over lap or be near each other either, so I had to outline most of the colours in white too. It got a bit messy and I think over all it still looks ok... but as I say, I prefer the original above. It'd make a good frisbee team mascot I think! Mr. Frizz the Bee!

To be honest, I'm pretty sure I've disqualified myself as the rules specify that you are not allowed write "frisbee" on the design as a separate company owns the rights to that brand name... but if it's an iconic implied version of the word, it should be OK right? A bit of semiotics going on there!? :)

Either way, I enjoyed doing it. It's funny when it gets to the stage that you have so much college work to do, that to do a design for a competition as a treat! I rewarded myself by entering this competition after finishing some of my life drawing homework. Anyway, Enjoy! 

Monday, 17 October 2011


Hentertainment (the cheesy pun name was concieved by me!) is the name of my boyfriends on the side business. It does exactly what it says on the tin and makes hen parties more fun! I helped out by doing the graphics for the site and may do an animated piece for it in time, if I have time. 

In a nut shell, the bride to be is shown a pre-recorded dvd of her future husband answering questions about their relationship, likes and dislikes and even naughty questions! 

If she guesses what his responses are correctly she will get a reward! But if not, she gets a forfeit and has to down a shot or some other form of punishment! I helped out by doing the graphics for the site and may do an animated piece for it in time, if I have time. 

The DVD of the grooms interrogation comes with my fancy designed cover too. There is a gap on the cover to enter the grooms name to personalize it even more.

Anyway, check the site out and spread the word if you know anyone who might enjoy this as a hen party treat! 

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Doodles galore! Just some inane scribblings in my notebook while thinking about film ideas. I'm keeping my idea sort of hush hush until I pitch it to the class, because if it's old hat by the time I present it, people will be more interested in the films they haven't heard about and therefore more excited about them, so it'll just hinder my chances waffling about it. 

Hopefully it'll be good news and it'll get picked. If not, I'll probably make this little movie in my own time, as its super simple, not too time consuming with regards design etc, and it'll be just shy of a minute and a half tops, so shouldn't be too exhausting to finish alone. Keep ye posted! 


Here's a quickly roughed up storyboard that I made for a friend who was doing a project for the ICAD program. Definitely not my finest work, but hey, it's work regardless! 

Natural History Museum

Here's some drawings I did on a recent outing to the Natural History Museum in Dublin. I did a lot of them quite quickly and left a few drawings to stay in my notebook unseen. I was half thinking of leaving the Phalanger behind when taking these photos, but he's got such a funny name, I decided to put him up. And Sloths...well, they're just so ridiculous really. So even my rubbish drawing of the sloth deserved a place on here. Phalanger.... hehe. Still makes me laugh. I'd never heard of them until that day!

I always try to use lots of different media, even if I'm not a big fan of it. Hence the mixed use of charcoal, pencil, pen, markers etc. 


angry and wierd haired monkey.



Monday, 3 October 2011

2d Showreel

I was just looking at this again on my weebly site and you know what... I really like how I put it together. Vainty eh?  Just the timing with the music and you never get too bored watching it... well... that's what I think, but I guess I'm just happy it all looks relatively good, since it took a lot out of me! Not making this video of course, but the contents in it. Phew it was hard work! Can't wait for the hard work to kick off this year! hoooot hoooot goes the crazy train! Non stop journey to No Life Ville/aka College work 24/7! Ah well, it'll all be worth it! We'll be trained up and ready for work! Hope you enjoy the video.

Lion King 3d! Roaring Success! Rawr!

Got to see a special preview/premiere showing of the Lion King 3d yesterday (2nd of Oct)! Woohoo! It's not officially released until the 7th! I have to say, even without the 3d, seeing the Lion King back up on the big screen was fantastic! What a great idea Disney! 

Having said that, I don't even think they knew themselves just how successful it was going to be! It earned a whopping 30million on its first week release in the U.S. and an impressive 22.1million its second week! It has currently in total, made a whopping  847.7million in its existence, and if it makes a mere 48million more (which is very achievable with the numbers so far, considering it hasn't even been officially released in Ireland/Europe yet) it will comfortably enter the top 20 largest grossing movies of all time!

A photo of me just after coming out of the movie

As for the 3d, it wasn't full on, which was great. It merely added to the film. I remember trying to explain 3d to someone when it first came out and simply put I said "it's like the difference between digital HD TV and regular TV... it's not massively different, but you really do enjoy what you're watching more". Some 3d is over the top, distracting and frankly sometimes uncomfortable to watch! I really don't think that's what 3d should be about. It should enhance the film, but not to the extent that it disturbs your enjoyment of watch you're watching or distracts you from the story etc. The Lion King got it spot on. Visually beautiful (as before) with an added touch of magic. Really nicely done. Well done Disney! Looking forward to possible future 3d releases perhaps? Fingers crossed!