Sunday, 20 October 2013

Animation Festivals :)

So just to update you on my little animated films festival status: 
(and because I've been neglecting my poor wee blog of late! :O )
  1. "The Galway Fleadh" : Galway, Ireland.
  2. "The Electric Lantern Festival" : Kent, England
  3. "The International Short Festival of Uruguay" : Uruguay.
  4. "The No Gloss Film Festival" : Leeds, England. 
  5. "WorldKids International Film Festival" :  India.
  6.  "Golden Orchid International Animation Festival": Pennsylvania, USA.
  7. Invited to submit to "New York International Childrens Film Festival" with fee waived.
  8. "Animae Caribe Festival" in Trinidad and Tobago.
  9. "Blackrock Animation Festival" Dublin, Ireland.
  10. "Cork Indie Festival" : Cork, Ireland.
  11. "Waterford Film Festival" : Waterford, Ireland.
  12. "International Animation Festival" : Syros Island, Greece.
  13.  "Womens Film Festival" in Colombia, South America.
Proud of my little film I am :)

Thanks for dropping by! :)


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Shay Mouse design for the Galway Arts Festival!

A month or two ago, the the lovely Galway Arts Festival folk asked me to do up a design for a play they were rehearsing called "The Adventures of Shay Mouse - The Mouse from Longford" by the fantastic Patrick McCabe.

So I roughed them up a couple of mice, and told them they could pick and choose ears and noses and legs etc., from the various mice and I'd try make an ultimate better mouse, or... if none took their fancy I'd go back t the drawing board. I didn't have a scanner, to they had to make do with this photo of my doodle page.

The first stage of the Shay design

They went for the chap at the far bottom right, but wanted him with with dungarees and a bit more of a belly as with the chap at the bottom left. So off I went. I roughed up a more graphic mouse that wasn't 100percent the design yet, but the bones of it was there. I gave them a few colour choices, and "with or without" outline options, and they went with the top right Shay. So off I went to add the whistles and bells.

The second stage of the Shay design

So I tweaked his nose design, added some hi-lights and shadow, and Hey presto! 
Shay was done. :)

The Final Shay design
All was quiet on the contact front then, as I was busy readying myself for my new job, move back up to Dublin, and planning my trip to Galway for the Galway Fleadh, organising the BCFE Animation showcase etc etc... until I discovered this!

There was Shay! 3d and rambling down the streets of Galway! I laughed for 10 minutes solid! Never in my life had I made a design, that had been suddenly made 3d! It was amazing to see! 

He was also plastered in shop windows and pubs all over Galway in the form of this lovely poster :)

Not only that, but Shay was in big demand! Doing tours of Galway city! Popping into local shops, pubs, theatres etc. Everyone wanted Shay! How exciting! :D (Several of the photos are courtesy of Shays twitter page! :D )

There he is above, ordering a pint... then checking out the local cheeses on offer...

wearing a scarf from a local wool shop.. then getting involved in the local busking scene...


...Here he is in Charlie Byrnes book shop, signing a few copies of his book...

.....and here he is on a t-shirt!!

Needless to say, i HAD to meet Shay!  And with my trip to Galway for the Film Fleadh already planned (which my short film "The Sweet Life" took part in) it simply had to happen! so here it is.... I finally met Shay!

Best of luck to the Shay Mouse team! 


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Festival Update :)

So just to update you on my festival status:

Got into:

  1. The Galway Fleadh, Ireland.
  2. The Electric Lantern Festival, Kent, England.
  3. No Gloss Film Festival, Leeds.
  4. Worldkids International Film Festival, India.
  5. International Animation Festival on Syros Island in Greece. 
  6. Womens Film Festival in Columbia.
  7. The International Short Festival of Uruguay.

Proud of my little film I am :)


email me for the password if you want a look ;)



Sunday, 2 June 2013

Nunja Ninja with NunChucks!

The Irish Sketch Society topic was "Ninjas" this week. As always, the pun/play on words urges in me were too strong to fight! :D

So Here's my ninja nun....with "nun"chucks.  It was very quickly done, as my weekends been hectic, but I think shes kinda cool :)

It's also a subtle tribute to "Ninjatown" the game too. I love those little guys! :) Thanks for visiting! Hope you like my ninja nun! :)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Art Deco Pica-ture! :P

It's art Deco week on the Irish sketch Society page, and I decided to make a Picachu! :)

If you're a doodler, you should head to the page to see some awesome work by lotsa talented folks, and of course a great page to enter your own creations! :)

I've been quiet on here (my blog) of late trying to finish up with college stuff, but hopefully now its done and dusted I'll have more time for doodles! :)

Thanks for visiting! :)


Monday, 20 May 2013

My Final year Film: The Sweet Life

These are some stills from my final year film from the degree course in Animation in Ballyfermot College of Further Education. Though it hard work having so much work to do alone, it was quite freeing to have full creative control. I guess group and solo projects both have their ups and downs. :)

I created my animatic in storyboard pro, the animation and character design in flash, with a good bit of "polishing" in after effects, then a good chunk of tweaking in premiere. I have an online screener if you'd like to contribute 3 minutes of your life to watching it :) Just message me and I'll send you the password :) 

Feel free to also check out my additional blog:  

where I uploaded my production booklet images. It goes over my research, process, character design, schedules, storyboards script and story etc. if you like that kinda thing. :) 

Thanks for visiting :)


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turdles!

Ahhh Play on Words and Puns.... :P My favourite things! :D 

Don't misunderstand and think is my slagging the turtles btw! 
I grew up on those half shell heroes! :D

It's more a... social commentary on what would happen if you only ate pizza ever...
bad things would happen that's what! haha!

Hope you like it! I whipped it up super fast. I wouldn't be proud of this artistically, 
but I hope ya appreciate the attempt at comedy ;)

PS: This was for the Irish Sketch Society again! Join us and add your own art! :) 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Business Card

Well, I just wanted to do something not college related! 
So I made a business card. 


I sent it off to Vistaprint, who are gonna print it up for me super duper cheap as chips, 
as always.

I decided not to bother with the "email" "phone number" "blog address" headers, as you'd have to be daft not to cop it... it just didnt fit well with the design...
anywho! This is it:

(Ps: Colours are quite bright to allow for the printing (cmyk/rgb thingy)) 


Marriage is between two people...ANY two people! who love each other! :)

Way I see it is, some straight folk take marriage for granted. 
Run off to Vegas on a whim after a few months. It's no wonder 60 percent of marriages go down the tubes. 

Whereas I know same sex relationships who've been together longer than most marriages! So who are we to say they don't deserve the security and social and cultural respect that comes from showing true commitment to someone else, and getting to celebrate their relationship with family and friends... 

It's a no brainer people! It's been legalised in more countries than people are even aware of! Belgium, Canada, Argentina, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden,  Denmark etc. And the ground hasn't opened up and swallowed those countries whole yet! 

Anyway, here's my little logos I made in support of equality civil rights for same sex relationships. Fingers crossed the world can become another step closer to being lovely for everyone :)


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Die Hard: starring Moose Willis

Yep! You guessed it! Another "Irish Sketch Society" post. :) 

This weeks topic was "Die Hard". I tried drawing Bruce Willis kayaking... 
but he just looked liked a balding egg. He's a hard man to draw! :) 

So I decided to put a Yak in a kayak, for "yipee kayaking Yak ki ay!"...

but then my buddy Rachel Wilson suggested "Moose Willis", and the joke was complete.

 As you can see I did a lot of thinking and talking about it before I actually did it! Was just hard to find the time! Anywho! Hope you like him! :)


Friday, 15 March 2013


Another flying visit to my blog! Sorry I haven't given you more love little froggie bloggie! :)

Here's my latest post for the Irish Sketch Society on that ther' interwebs! It's my only treat letting myself do wee bits of work for this facebook page, in between working lots and lots on college stuff. :) Check it out! It's got great work from lotsa talented folk! :)

This weeks subject matter is Leprechauns for Paddys day. :)

Hope you like him!


Thursday, 7 March 2013


Ok, so I haven't updated in a while. Been super focused on my moovie for the my final year in college, and also working lots to get my thesis finished...which it is now whoop! :P

Gonna make lots a lovely film related posts once I'm done with it, but for now you'll have to make do with my batman doodle that I did for the fun new facebook page Irish Sketch Society:

It's a great idea! :) and lotsa folk have put up some great stuff! Everyone draws up a topic of the week.. so fingers crossed I'll be pro-active next week too.

Thanks for visiting! :)