Friday, 14 November 2014

Cheesy Wedding stuff! :)

Hello blog!
Sorry again for my infrequent visits! :)

So basically I made a card for my mums friend ages ago, with allll the relevant things relating to her wedding that was coming up. Where they met, the schools they went to, their hobbies, their home towns, whee the church would be, the honeymoon, some in jokes about their personalities etc etc. And I'd try to ram it all into one hectic illustration that might look a mess to us, but they loved. So I was asked to do a few more, and these are them! Not everyone's cup of tea as they're very busy! But they meant a lot to the folks that got them :) So here's a few other ones I've done since:

So Joanne loved to sing, liked cheeky classes of red wine, and shoe and hand bag shopping! They both worked at Pallas, and lived near Foyne Castle? (I think it was) so I decided to play on that with the knight in shinning armour bit. Damien is apparently addicted to his smart phone, (so I have him booking the honeymoon there) and loves Manchester United (sticker on cart) and on the banners of the castle I've the date of the hen night (when she got the poster) and the date of the wedding.  Glin and Foynes are where they are from.

The strings coming off the balloon (which they would go on to do on their honeymoon ) are attached to things they love. Tea, fitness, wine, cocktails, handbags, running shoes etc. They were going to visit Las Vegas and New York on their honeymoon, and all the bits and pieces in Ireland say where they're from, a logo for the company they work for and a Christmas tree to say it was a winter wedding / 21st December, along with the church they were to get married in. Also a BBQ as they love BBQ food.

They both loved cycling, Tomas owned and raced greyhounds (who have the wedding date on their backs). Trailing behind the bike is a cocktail shaker, running shoes, a Man United teddy bear a GAA logo and in Eleanors hand is a in-joke list of things to do and a cheeky cocktail. He proposed on Barley Cove (sign) and the church for the ceromony was Glin church and at the front left there is a betting sheet I made up seperately as a bonus.

On the card, the Tarbert racetrack is a play on the school they met at. The "dogs" names and previous awards are also a play on info I was given.

This one was tricky, as it was a 50th wedding anniversary and they wanted the kids and the grand kids in there too. so I made the cake a road. on the first "tier" I have "tin" for the ten year anniversary, and some golf sticks as Bill likes to golf, around the next bend the two kids come along, and I've a china pattern for "20" years, and on the next tier, I've the kids getting married and their partners names,  and pearl for "30 years" and also a theatre face as Nuala loves the theatre. Then ruby next for 40years, along with the two grand kids, and some badminton rackets as they both enjoy the sport, then up the top are themselves. Theres also an aerophoto plane there dragging the banner as he used to take aerial photos for work. And "Pounder Griffin"? Ive no idea. I was just told to put that in :P

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sorry blog! I'm so neglectful! :(

Havent been on in a well! doh!

So heres a lil animation I did for the "on the run" work competition, and another one that, ugh.. i'm not at all happy with, but feck it, I'll throw it up. The title was "When Creeper met Gazelle". So I did the two comic book characters in the "When harry met Sally" style.

Anywho, here they both are :)

Hamster on the Run from Maureen Walshe on Vimeo.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Christmas Card for DBS Physiotherapy and Sport Injury clinic

Oops! Forgot to post this at the time! :)

I designed a Christmas card for the lovely folk at DBS Physiotherapy and Sport Injury clinic.
Heres the link should any of you Kildare folk be in need of fixin'! :)

Silly Rudolph never did his stretches so hes heading off to get fixed up. Good thing Santa was there to look after him :)


Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Choons Logo

Was asked to do a logo for the fun an funky band "The Choons"!

Heres a link to them jammin.. they have a studio quality choon link somewhere too! I'll find it and update this when I do :)

Initially they wanted a cartoony kinda vibe, so I rusted up some fun type faces, and some final tweaks with the font they liked with a couple of colour combos:

Tweakin' the chosen font:

Colours and 3d relief versions:

As with all decisions, its tricky when there's a couple of opinions in the mix, so after a band discussion, they decided to take the logo a different direction, so I roughed up these for debate and then the picked a font to go with and I went from there. Though I personally don't consider they final one finished, they were happy with it, so that's all that matters, but when they want colour or tweaks I'll be happy to do it :)

Rougher finalised options in case the direction changed again:

Finalised(ish) version :)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Robs Birthday posters :)

My brother had his 40th there at Christmas, and a few days before hand, my sister and I decided to whip up a few ironic posters to honour our rocker brother. 

I will admit we had had a few drinks on us at the time, and the process was not at all professional! hahaha! :P But we'd a laugh, and the posters on the night went down a treat! 

Also, my brother is not on facebook, so we only had a few photo references to work from (from his girlfriend Lucys facebook) so thats why theres alot of repeat photos! hehe. Think we only had six! 

Anyway, this may not be funny to those of you who don't know Rob, but these craic me up, so I'm immortalizing them on my blog so they don't get lost in my "misc" folder on my computer. Hope you enjoy them! :)



Here are my sister Kates contributions: :D