Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Choons Logo

Was asked to do a logo for the fun an funky band "The Choons"!

Heres a link to them jammin.. they have a studio quality choon link somewhere too! I'll find it and update this when I do :)

Initially they wanted a cartoony kinda vibe, so I rusted up some fun type faces, and some final tweaks with the font they liked with a couple of colour combos:

Tweakin' the chosen font:

Colours and 3d relief versions:

As with all decisions, its tricky when there's a couple of opinions in the mix, so after a band discussion, they decided to take the logo a different direction, so I roughed up these for debate and then the picked a font to go with and I went from there. Though I personally don't consider they final one finished, they were happy with it, so that's all that matters, but when they want colour or tweaks I'll be happy to do it :)

Rougher finalised options in case the direction changed again:

Finalised(ish) version :)

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