Sunday, 2 June 2013

Nunja Ninja with NunChucks!

The Irish Sketch Society topic was "Ninjas" this week. As always, the pun/play on words urges in me were too strong to fight! :D

So Here's my ninja nun....with "nun"chucks.  It was very quickly done, as my weekends been hectic, but I think shes kinda cool :)

It's also a subtle tribute to "Ninjatown" the game too. I love those little guys! :) Thanks for visiting! Hope you like my ninja nun! :)


  1. Don't think I ever saw your art since you're always so secret about it :P Love the stuff you are doing! Any chance you could send over a link to your end of year film. it looks crazylicious!

    1. hello! :D thanks for saying nice things! :P I dont flash my art around much, coz god knows its rubbish compared to the likes of yourself! I'l pm you my moovie on facebook! :)


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