Monday, 8 April 2013

Business Card

Well, I just wanted to do something not college related! 
So I made a business card. 


I sent it off to Vistaprint, who are gonna print it up for me super duper cheap as chips, 
as always.

I decided not to bother with the "email" "phone number" "blog address" headers, as you'd have to be daft not to cop it... it just didnt fit well with the design...
anywho! This is it:

(Ps: Colours are quite bright to allow for the printing (cmyk/rgb thingy)) 



  1. This is so nice. Looking so lovely. I like it.

    plastic business cards

    1. aw! why thank you! :) that's sweet of you to say! It's always nice to hear genuine unsolicited comments! :) (you cant always trust family and friends to be honest ;P)


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