Monday, 3 October 2011

Lion King 3d! Roaring Success! Rawr!

Got to see a special preview/premiere showing of the Lion King 3d yesterday (2nd of Oct)! Woohoo! It's not officially released until the 7th! I have to say, even without the 3d, seeing the Lion King back up on the big screen was fantastic! What a great idea Disney! 

Having said that, I don't even think they knew themselves just how successful it was going to be! It earned a whopping 30million on its first week release in the U.S. and an impressive 22.1million its second week! It has currently in total, made a whopping  847.7million in its existence, and if it makes a mere 48million more (which is very achievable with the numbers so far, considering it hasn't even been officially released in Ireland/Europe yet) it will comfortably enter the top 20 largest grossing movies of all time!

A photo of me just after coming out of the movie

As for the 3d, it wasn't full on, which was great. It merely added to the film. I remember trying to explain 3d to someone when it first came out and simply put I said "it's like the difference between digital HD TV and regular TV... it's not massively different, but you really do enjoy what you're watching more". Some 3d is over the top, distracting and frankly sometimes uncomfortable to watch! I really don't think that's what 3d should be about. It should enhance the film, but not to the extent that it disturbs your enjoyment of watch you're watching or distracts you from the story etc. The Lion King got it spot on. Visually beautiful (as before) with an added touch of magic. Really nicely done. Well done Disney! Looking forward to possible future 3d releases perhaps? Fingers crossed!

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