Sunday, 23 October 2011

Frisbee Contest

I whipped up these bee Frisbee graphics for a Frisbee design contest I just entered today.

I'd ideally love this top design on a frisbee, but the company for some reason can't print large areas of colour, and so the image I entered is below. Colours can not over lap or be near each other either, so I had to outline most of the colours in white too. It got a bit messy and I think over all it still looks ok... but as I say, I prefer the original above. It'd make a good frisbee team mascot I think! Mr. Frizz the Bee!

To be honest, I'm pretty sure I've disqualified myself as the rules specify that you are not allowed write "frisbee" on the design as a separate company owns the rights to that brand name... but if it's an iconic implied version of the word, it should be OK right? A bit of semiotics going on there!? :)

Either way, I enjoyed doing it. It's funny when it gets to the stage that you have so much college work to do, that to do a design for a competition as a treat! I rewarded myself by entering this competition after finishing some of my life drawing homework. Anyway, Enjoy! 

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