Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Buttons and Bows Craft Fair (21st August)

Sorry about the delay in getting the info up about the craft market I did. I had photos of the stuff I was selling, but I was waiting to hear back from a few folks who had taken photos of myself behind the stall, working away. Finally today the photos arrived! So this is me and my friend Courtney at the Buttons and Bows craft market in Crumlin.
It was only the 2nd Buttons and Bows market, so it still isn't very well known and hasn't quite taken off yet. Regardless of that, it was a nice day out (bar the lack of sandwiches, which I'd a huge craving for all day!) I sold quite a bit, and it was definitely worth the experience too. So here I am, hocking my wares to who ever will have them!

On a seperate note, I was painting ceramic piggies at the Lucan Festival on Sunday. It was a horrendous day until about 4 o'clock, so sales were slow. But the weather picked up then, and business picked up a bit too. You can see examples of my pig painting here: 

I'll leave it at that for now. Thanks for reading!

PS: Here is some of the stuff I made to sell. I also sold my paintings which are in a previous post, if you so wanted to see them, they are at this web linky:


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