Saturday, 24 September 2011

Googles Doodle honours Jim Hensons Brithday

Google have done it again. After the amazing Queen tribute doodle (link below) which I thought was amazing, they've gone one step further on the awesome scale and made interactive muppets on their doodle today, in honour of Jim Hensons birthday. I was playing with them thinking "what a shame they don't make noise when you click on them" but as I continued playing with them, adding my own muppet-esque sound track, I realized not adding sound was something they must have done on purpose to make wierdos like me make silly muppet sounds as the mouths open and close! Anyway, I figured I'd do a few screen grabs and post them up incase any of you guys missed this epic doodle at the time. Each muppet could be controlled one at a time, but I've merged the resulting actions together on indiviual panels, as it would be silly to have a panel for each. Enjoy!

main screen
when you hover the cursor over each hand option
(with this option, you could make the muppets follow the cursor)

when you click on the hand option for each muppet

additonal fun options
additonal fun options

Queen Google Doodle

Long live Google doodles!

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