Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fraser MacLean talk

Fraser MacLean was good enough to come and have a chat with us at college today. The man has had a varied and fascinating career and was an absolute pleasure to listen to. He kept asking if we had any questions, and I felt like putting up my hand and saying "just keep talking, you're career and experience is fantastic to hear about!" The guy has just written a book, which we were lucky enough to get a sneaky preview of. It looks like a wonderful book and even if I had not seen some of the wonderful art work inside, I'd have still definitely sought the book out just on the grounds that Fraser himself was so informative, that the book must also be full of nuggets of fantastic information. I found it on the Waterstones website and Amazon, but I'll have to budget for a few weeks to get the cash together for it. I've a birthday coming up, so maybe someone will buy it for me... hehe.

Hopefully his talk at the peg bar event tomorrow will be just as informative. Hopefully the peg bar talk will be just as good as the previous one! It's great to hear from all these great people and companies, about their humble beginnings and how they went about getting where they are. It's nice to know that even the big wigs had to start somewhere. Anywho, I've a lot of college work to do, so I'm off.  

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