Thursday, 17 May 2012

Annecy Sting (hopefully!)

With our college films bareeely handed in, a few of us devoted college students hung back for two days to crack into the Annecy sting opportunity that was presented to us a few weeks back. Unfortunately, our end of year film was all our first priorities when Annecy came a knockin', but sure we made a quick go at the Annecy sting challenge anyway.  Here's hoping its one of the ones selected. :) 

Anywho,  I helped create some of the assets/background in the sting. Hope you like them. :)
Created in Flash.

Heres a still from the end of the animation
(World created by Adam Kavanagh with bits of my assets in there)

The Four Courts
The Olympia Theatre
Liberty Hall building
Ha'Penny Bridge


  1. These are so sweet mawsy, the Olypmia theatre especially!

    1. thanks stef! :) buildings are tricky to make look... quirky.. coz theyre soo damn straight! :P hehe.


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