Monday, 12 December 2011

Merry Christmoose!

Merry Christmoose everyone!

Been quite busy with college and essays and what not, so my blog hasn't been loved for a while. So what better time to post up this year's Christmas card! Merry Christmoose everyone! I always try and hide something a bit dodgey in the card... can you find it? 

Here's some of my card designs from previous years. 
Again, I always try and have an element of mischief... Enjoy!

The Tiny Tim of fish is about to become sushi! 

You can't read it in this image, but the file on the table says "Santa Paws" and a red stamp saying "Fraud".

This one really offended people! hehe!
     One family this was sent to, genuinely didn't realise it was cheese, 
because they'd been so "nativity scene" programmed   
This one is subtle... but you'll find it. You know the jist of it now. Just like everyone every year that gets these cards knows they're be something amiss! Hope I can still deliver something clever next year!

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