Sunday, 13 November 2011

Finally on Twitter properly!

I've always been a member, but didn't quite get it... Still not sure I do, but I definitely like it now! So I'm glad I finally stopped paddling in inch high twitter water and just went for the deep end. 

Maureens Twitter.. Come follow me!

Heres the graphics for my page at the mo. Probably change it up when I've time. Just good to get the sizing down etc, so I can more easily play around with it in future. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Frisbee Follow Up!

Ok, so the entries are all in for the frisbee competition. Fingers crossed! Here's a link to the collection of entries. Frizz can be seen clearly anyway! It's a pity the quality of the image is so low, so you can't properly see a lot of the designs, but theres definitely some competition in there. Good luck to everyone anyway, and may the best discs win! 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Aarting Blankies Follow Up!

Just a lil stop motion video of the series 1 Blankies up to mischief, rallying support for Blankie Series 2. You can see the collection of winners for series 2 on the wall in places. My lil "Hootie " design is in the bottom right. Yay! Enjoy! 

Friday, 4 November 2011

Aarting Blankies!

There may or may not be a reason for me drawing attention to's designer blankie toy competition that I entered a while ago ;) I'm merely just posting up my designs since I haven't them on my blog. 

The other winners/designers are from all over the world. You can get more information on all of us at I'm representing Ireland on there anyway! 


Some were just hand drawn, some were visualized in 3d and most were done in illustrator or photoshop. I quite liked that all styles were accepted.  I've included the other entries I sent in. I actually really wanted "Rover and Co." to win and when it went to public vote, that's the entry I got everyone to vote for! 

Ironically, Humble Hootie won! Whats better, the two artists who run Aarting, Melissa and Todd, chose my design (Hooties votes were humble also, as everyone voting was voting for their friends etc) so for me thats even better! ( I'm not the biggest fan of "public votes" on the internet... just because I'm not a collector of random friends on facebook etc., that shouldn't mean I've less of a chance to win a competition that should be skill based. Never the less, I won and I'm so pleased! 

Hope you like them! I loved making them! Feel free to groan at the play on words of "Matt O'Doore" below! hehe.


Frisbee (my second entry that I thought I posted!)

Here's my second entry for the frisbee design competition. I'm a sucker for play on words and puns (as the poor unfortunate people who know me know!) so even though this design took two seconds to make, I thought it still deserved time in the "Really Maureen? Oh God that's terrible!" pun light. I do enjoy a good pun! Thanks for enduring my bad sense of humour readers!